I'm pretty snazzy.

Proud Hufflepuff


I sing, play the piano, play tennis, and make really bad jokes.

I've sold my soul to fictional characters, celebrities, music, and Tumblr.

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Klaroline, Johnlock, Stucky, Destiel, Fitzsimmons, Doctor/Rose

My Husbands
Sebastian Stan, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Zachary Quinto.

My Precious Babies
Tom Hiddleston, Misha Collins, and Paul Wesley.

My Girl Crushes
Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, and Natalie Dormer.

I listen to Ed Sheeran, Kodaline, Lauren Aquilina, Gabrielle Aplin, The Filharmonic and musicals.


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m i s s m e ?

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Guardians of the Galaxy + Scenery

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SHERLOCK: S P A C E  A U (verse » 12)

“the napoleon of crime” they call him. his whispers travel light-years, eventually making their way across planets, moons, and stars. space is a spiderweb and jim moriarty is at its center.

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Flesh and Stone | Amy Pond

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"Me? I’m D e a d p o o l'The Merc with a Mouth.' Good shots and bad jokes—that’s me.”

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What if each to his own lonely grave
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12. split/whole [+]

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"I’m very interested in writing and directing - all aspects of filmmaking. I’m pretty much a geek for the way a film is made. Even doing a film - or a TV show - purely as an actor, it is very interesting to me to see how the filmmakers get it done. I feel like it is a huge learning experience. So yeah, that’s a kind of convoluted way of saying I am [interested in more behind-the-scenes roles] - not that I want to move away from acting. Just be involved in all aspects." — Joseph Morgan

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- What should we do next: Something good, something bad? Bit of both?
We’ll follow your lead, Star-Lord.
- A bit of both!

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Morgana Fest: Prompt #8
'Creator's Choice

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